IS 3500

IS 3500

High speed overedging machine for carpets


Overedging (whipping, serging) of different kinds of carpets Woven carpets, high pile carpets, tufted carpets, viscose carpets, needle punch carpets,& All different kinds of backing
Specially developed to install into fully automatic lines with right and left hand machine in order to obtain higher production speeds on the lines.

Technical specifications

  • Speed: 3200 stitches/minute
  • Stitch width: 10 to 12 mm (standard)
  • (other dimensions on request)
  • Stitch density: 1 to 10 stitches/cm
  • Drive elements: without bearings
  • with special coating on parts, subject to extreme wear
  • Types of machines: - IS 3500 2 yarn-ends standard
                                    - IS 3500/3 3 yarn-ends


  • improvement of productivity
  • reduction of production costs
  • improvement of product quality
  • increase of service life of parts
  • improvement of corrosion resistance


  • Mechanical or pneumatic puller
  • Cutting device (scissors)

Spare parts
All replacement spares and spare parts are made in Belgium and are matching the highest technical quality standards All spares parts can also be used on existing Titan machines. (models DK 2500) (De Koninck)