IS 5002 S

IS 5002 S

Overlock voor shaggy tapijten


Overedging of high pile carpets

  • High pile woven and tufted carpets
  • All different kinds of backing

Can be delivered

  • On a table with individual motor
  • On a table to be combined with an airtable

Technical specifications

  • Speed 2800 stitches/minute
  • Stitch width 10 to 12 mm (standard)
  • (other dimensions on request)
  • Density of stitches 1 to 10 stitches/cm

Type of machines

  • IS 5002 2 yarn-ends (standard

Standard equipment

  • Table and motor
  • Cutting device
  • External stitch adjustment
  • Special high speed puller and easy to adjust the pullerfeed
  • Pneumatic footlift and tension releaser
  • Special device for overedging long pile carpets


  • Electronic motor and sensor
  • Needle cooler
  • Oil filter system
  • Oil cooling system
  • Insertionsystem for tape into the overedging(to avoid pile sticking out of the overedging)

Spare Parts:

All spares and replacement parts are made in Belgium and are matching the highest technical quality standards All spares Parts are compatible with existing Titan (De Koninck) machines. (models DK 2500)