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IS 3500
IS 3500 Close up
IS 3500
IS 3500 Close up

IS 3500

High speed overedging machine for carpet

IS 3500


High speed overedging of carpets.
Always in a set of 1 right & left machine, for automatization.
Many internal and external parts have been redesigned to obtain a higher speed of 3200RPM.


  • Special coating on several parts, to subject extreme wear
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower production costs
  • Better corrosion resistance

Always included:

  • Always delivered with a special separate oil cooling system
  • Needle cooling

Advised options:

  • Cutting device
  • Carburated feeddog
  • External stitch adjustment
  • Adjustment of thread supply
  • Pneumatic footlift & tension releaser
  • Pneumatic puller